PATHlink, LLC was founded to meet a demonstrated need to provide a wide spectrum of professional Pathology services to the hospital community. PATHlink's partners include hospitals, independent Pathology groups, physician group practices, surgical centers, and independent laboratories. Our relationships and services are all tailored to the needs and specifications of each partner.

All engagements involve the review of the structure of the Department of Pathology and Laboratories, departmental professional services and operational processes.

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  • Practice start-up and/or transition
  • Experienced on-site Medical Director
  • Director of Clinical Services to provide administrative and clinical support
  • Professional staffing through PATHlink Solutions
  • Insurance provider enrollment
  • 24/7 on-call support to assist with staffing/scheduling emergencies
  • Corporate compliance
  • Professional performance standards
  • Monitor clinical indicators and core measures
  • Risk management education
  • Documentation education, training and monitoring
  • Patient satisfaction involvement
  • Billing and coding appropriateness and compliance
  • Quality improvement programs
  • Other processes to optimize and maximize practice revenue

PATHlink Services include:

Pathology Management Services

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