Radiology Program Management includes:

PPE has over 18 years of experience in providing hospital-based Radiology services and outpatient medical imaging services to the New Jersey community. We offer full-service Radiology solutions that are tailored to meet the individual needs of the partners we service. Our Radiology Management Program is available both on-site and through our Teleradiology program, which provides off-site services for our partners and our own Radiologists. Our Radiologists have access to the most advanced, fully integrated, smallest workflow footprint Teleradiology technology on the market.

PPE has expanded its core Radiology expertise to include: Musculoskeletal, Body Imaging, Neuroradiology, PET/CT, and Nuclear Medicine. Our experienced Radiologists are dedicated to providing excellent, continuous service for our patients and healthcare partners, resulting in high patient satisfaction and substantial benefits to the medical facility.

Radiology Program Management

  • Radiology program start-up and/or transition
  • Experienced on-site Medical Director
  • Director of Clinical Services to provide administrative and clinical support
  • Recruiting and retention of qualified, Board Certified Radiologists
  • Insurance provider enrollment
  • 24/7 on-call support to assist with staffing/scheduling emergencies
  • Corporate compliance
  • Monitor clinical indicators and core measures
  • Risk management education
  • Documentation education, training and monitoring
  • Patient satisfaction involvement
  • 3G Teleradiology and a RIS/PACS System
  • Standardized Reporting FrameworkTM for accurate and efficient records
  • Consulting with nurses and administration to make sure the unique service needs of the center are met
  • Integrate existing staff into our program
  • Continuously work with nursing staff and administration to see complete utilization of the Radiology schedule
  • Provide outpatient medical imaging services to the hospital
  • Improve revenue, workflow and discrepancy reviews
  • Reduce turnaround times

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