If the Emergency Department is considered the “front door” than a Hospitalist Program is your “kitchen” – the place everyone gathers. The interface between the Emergency Department and the Hospitalist Program has to be seamless to the patients. PPE has a robust infrastructure in this critical area of hospital functioning, and offers unique Hospitalist Programs that fit the needs of the hospital and the needs of the hospital’s community physicians.

Integrated Services

With the myriad of rules and regulations in healthcare, you need a trusted partner who understands the dynamics of a Hospitalist Program and collaborates with the other departments in the hospital as well as referring community physicians. Our collaborative medical leadership streamlines processes for better patient experience and improved quality of care.

Clinical Excellence for Better Patient Experiences

PPE’s performance expectations are to achieve top scores in all metrics and quality goals. For quality metrics, PPE uses national standards and individual facility metrics to tailor initiatives to meet shared quality and performance goals. Quality and performance improvement are driven by our Medical Director Leadership, collaboration and participation on established facility quality and PI committees. See patient satisfaction scores go up while associated Length-of-Stay (LOS) by Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) goes down.

Community Outreach Specialists

PPE’s Hospitalists programs help to strengthen the bond between the hospital and its community physicians. We engage community physicians to utilize the Hospitalist services, as well as offer “Tuck-In” services such as coverage during holidays, weekends, vacations, and so on.

A Word From Our CEO

Dr. Joseph Calabro

PPE stands out in our field by offering a variety of program models to suit your needs and goals. Part with us for an accessible, flexible and personal approach

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