PPE understands the challenges a Critical Care Program faces and offers both clinical expertise and operational knowledge to develop Intensivist Programs. Our ICU Programs are driven by evidence-based, best practice guidelines and success is measured by improved patient outcomes. We can help you create a center of excellence for your hospital.

Integrated Services

PPE’s ICU Management Programs work in sync with your ED and Hospitalist Departments to optimize patient outcomes.Our Intensivist programs are comprised of highly skilled critical care specialists who deliver the highest level of care to patients. PPE’s integrated ICU team collaborates with specialists across multiple disciplines with in the hospital.

Dedicated to Clinical Excellence

Quality and performance improvements are driven by our clinical leadership, collaboration and participation on established facility quality and PI committees. PPE provides all data available on specific measures as requested by our hospital partners, utilizing several processes to measure outcomes and operational performance. ICUs led by PPE positively impactthe overall quality of care by improving outcomes, increasing patients’ survival rate, and decreasing patients’ length of stay in the ICU.

Enhanced Patient Safety and Quality Goals

PPE’s clinical leadership is accountable to ensure their team is performing at their highest level and assuring that the needed elements of a successful program are in place such as multidisciplinary rounds, utilization of protocols and the implementation of new quality improvement initiatives. We are committed to reducing length of stay, re-admission rates, ventilator days, and infection rates in critical care. PPE’s Intensivist team also take the initiative in monitoring and implementing policies and procedures such as Standardized Weaning Protocols, Hypothermia Management, Post Cardiac Arrest, Sepsis Management, Palliative Care in the ICU, and Early Mobility & Walking Programs in the ICU.

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Dr. Joseph Calabro

PPE stands out in our field by offering a variety of program models to suit your needs and goals. Part with us for an accessible, flexible and personal approach

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