The ability to rapidly screen and treat patients while simultaneously making sure that no major medical issues are missed requires more than can simply be completed in the Emergency Department. Special rules and regulations can be juxtaposed against the need to fully evaluate the patient’s needs. Learn how to maximize both patient safety and bed utilization for an efficient medical and financial system

Improved Patient Safety

PPE’s Observation Program operate based on minimizing the stay of the patients who can be safely discharged after a brief observation period. Decreased duration of stay may be helpful in better overall infection-control practices.

Efficient Resource Utilization

When a patient is admitted from the ED to an inpatient floor, a lot of resources are utilized. Observation level of care has resulted in institutions developing more efficient care delivery processes for lower level-of-care patients. This has reduced costs and Length of Stay (LOS) for hospitals.By efficiently utilizing your physician resources, PPE can reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and therefore reduce the expenses incurred by the hospital.

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