To assist your community in having access to quality medical care in an appropriate setting for minor emergencies, PPE provides assistance in the set-up and management of Urgent Care Centers.  We train our staff to handle minor emergencies, recognize when more advanced care is required, and get them to it or refer them back to their primary care doctors as appropriate.  Urgent Care Centers can become a valuable referral source to your hospital while satisfying a need in the community.

Corporate Infrastructure Support

PPE partners with our clients to establish guidelines and implement necessary changes. Our team will do an initial operational assessment of the facilities to determine their needs and then implement a management action plan.

Full Service Staffing Solutions

PPE will effectively, efficiently and painlessly manage the clinicians and staff in your Urgent Care center.  We will implement all the different tools in our toolbox from clinician recruiting, contract negotiation, background and reference checks to payor enrollment insurance credentialing and licensing.

Expert Operational and Fiscal Development and Execution

PPE works with our clients to evaluate platforms, policies and procedures regarding their operations and billing processes, and make recommendations on enhancing efficiency and reimbursement.

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Dr. Joseph Calabro

PPE stands out in our field by offering a variety of program models to suit your needs and goals. Part with us for an accessible, flexible and personal approach

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